Barnstaple scammer fooled girlfriend into providing him 300 for gambling

A GIRLFRIEND who asked her partner to buy her a dress online ended up forking out 300 to fund his Issues in poker and gambling routines, a court heard.

Connor Nash, 23, of Mulberry Way in Roundswell, appeared in front of North Devon magistrates last Friday where he pleaded guilty to 2 counts of scams by false representation.

Philip Sewell, for the prosecution, told the court Nash had been in a three-week relationship with his victim and throughout that time he had actually asked her for loans.

He said the victim had actually asked Nash to purchase her a dress from an online shop so moved 37 to his account so he might do so.

He later on sent her a text saying the store had taken three payments for the order and that he required another 62 because he had ended up being overdrawn. She gave him the cash.

Nash continued requesting money and an additional 3 payments of 65 were made to his account by the woman.

On January 19 Nash sent out the woman a screenshot supposedly from Lloyds bank stating his account had actually been hacked by somebody in Florida, which was not real.

Mr. Sewell stated: “He was utilizing the cash for gambling at poker online. He was paid 37, then 62 then 3 lots of 65.”

It is a breach of trust. It was a relationship and he took advantage of that and milked her for money to fund his gambling passion for slot machines.

Tim Hook, for the defense, stated Nash found himself without work prior to Christmas.

He stated he had paid the woman back 130 and added it was his intention to repay all of it as quickly as possible.

The case was put back till Tuesday for a fast delivery probation report to be prepared.